Aristocrat Gaming™ Partners with Skill Master Pro for Exclusive Distributionin the Georgia COAM Market

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Aristocrat Gaming

Aristocrat Gaming brings caller hardware and games
using player-favorite brands

LAS VEGAS, NV and DULUTH, GA (Aug. 28, 2023) – Today, Aristocrat Gaming and Skill Master Pro are proud to denote an exclusive distribution statement bringing industry-leading games and exertion into nan Georgia Coin Operated Amusement Machine (“COAM”) marketplace for nan first time.
The six caller player-favorite titles, Bao Zhu Zhao Fu™, Big Fu Cash Bats™, Buffalo Gold™, Midnight Train™, Mighty Cash™, and Sun & Moon Cash Eclipse™ were developed by industry-leading Atlanta-based studios wrong Aristocrat Gaming. The games will beryllium disposable connected nan caller MidKnight XTM furniture modeled aft nan award-winning HelixTM cabinet.

“Our distribution business pinch Skill Master Pro to participate nan Georgia marketplace demonstrates nan company’s ongoing committedness to maturation successful emerging segments and our finance successful producing nan champion products for our players,” said Kurt Gissane, Senior Vice President of Sales for Aristocrat Gaming. “Skill Master Pro’s unparalleled marketplace knowledge and value acquisition align pinch nan superior products customers expect from us.”

Aristocrat Gaming

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“After 3 decades of being astatine nan forefront of processing nan COAM marketplace into nan burgeoning manufacture it is today, we are thrilled to subordinate forces pinch Aristocrat Gaming connected nan intermezo and amusement frontier,” said Adam Foust, CEO of Skill Master Pro.  “By channeling years of acquisition and driving excellence successful merchandise innovation, I powerfully judge Aristocrat Gaming and Skill Master Pro will elevate nan Georgia COAM industry.”
The MidKnight X and six-title crippled group are disposable to bid now done Skill Master Pro by telephone astatine (678) 431-8003 and coming soon online at 
Click here to study much astir Aristocrat’s committedness to responsible gameplay.
Aristocrat Technologies Inc. is simply a subsidiary of Aristocrat Leisure Limited (ASX: ALL), a world intermezo and contented creation institution pinch complete 7,500 labor moving successful much than 20 locations crossed nan globe. Aristocrat Gaming is nan starring designer, manufacturer, and supplier of Class III games arsenic good arsenic Class II Innovations for Native American casinos and emerging markets. The company’s ngo is to bring joyousness to life done nan powerfulness of play. Its values are rooted successful productivity and technology, and nan institution has a rich | history of invention that has shaped nan gaming manufacture complete galore decades. For further information, sojourn nan company’s website.

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