Expert NFL Picks Against the Spread for AFC and NFC Conference Championships

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Detroit Lions wide receiver Josh Reynolds celebrates pinch fans

Detroit Lions wide receiver Josh Reynolds celebrates pinch fans aft scoring nan first touchdown of nan crippled during nan 2nd 4th against nan Tampa Bay Buccaneers successful nan NFC divisional information playoff crippled astatine Ford Field successful Detroit connected Sunday, Jan. 21, 2024.

  • We’re making our apical NFL ATS picks for this weekend’s 2 games betwixt nan Chiefs vs Ravens and Lions vs 49ers
  • In some games, we person picks coming successful connected some teams for our champion bets
  • Get each of our apical NFL picks against nan dispersed for nan AFC and NFC title games here

It’s important to shop astir for nan champion number erstwhile making your NFL ATS picks. That’s precisely what our experts person done this week, coming successful pinch picks connected each 4 teams successful nan Chiefs, Ravens, Lions and 49ers, while uncovering nan champion of nan number disposable crossed nan apical NFL betting apps. Read connected for this weekend’s champion NFL picks against nan dispersed here.

NFL Expert Picks Today

Ryan Metivier Bob Duff Zach Reger Regular Season Record: 24-27-3 Regular Season Record: 17-33-4 Regular Season Record: 26-26-2 Playoff Record: (3-3-0) Playoff Record: (4-2-0) Playoff Record: (4-2-0)
Ravens -3.5 Lions +7.5 Chiefs +4
49ers -7 Chiefs +4 49ers -7

THhe NFL ATS champion bets this play sees 2 picks connected nan Chiefs and 2 picks connected nan 49ers. Plus a action each connected nan Ravens and Lions.

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Ryan Metivier

Ravens (-3.5)

You tin ne'er count retired Mahomes who is 13-3 SU successful nan playoffs and 8-3 SU arsenic a canine successful his career. But they’ve had nan use of beating a mates of really injured teams truthful acold successful nan playoffs successful nan Dolphins and Bills. This week, they’ll beryllium nan much injured team. Kansas City sees each of RB Isiah Pacheco, WR Kadarius Toney, LG Joe Thuney, DT Derrick Nnadi, LB Willie Gay, CB L’JArius Sneed and FS Mike Edwards banged up heading into this game.

Baltimore has stepped up each clip they’ve faced a large force this play and person 11 wins complete teams pinch a winning record, nan astir wins complete winning teams ever. What’s much awesome is that 9 of those wins person been by double-digits. The Ravens person besides been piling up nan points pinch 31 aliases much points scored successful 9 of their past 11 games and 31 aliases much points scored successful 7 consecutive location games erstwhile playing their starters.

Where KC is dealing pinch aggregate injuries, Baltimore is getting healthier, pinch TE Mark Andrews group to return from an ankle injury. Then there’s Lamar Jackson who should beryllium successful statement for a large time connected nan ground. He rushed for 100 yards past week, while nan Chiefs allowed Josh Allen to tally for 72 yards and 2 rushing scores. Jackson, erstwhile playing astatine location is besides 31-11 SU successful his career.

Jackson improved to 31-11 astatine location including playoffs *Houston=31(11thPrime) *11DN
Texans stayed connected 157 wins each clip including playoffs *Jackson past playoff crippled was 157(37th Prime) Weeks Ago *Lamar Jackson=37
Ravens tin prime up 31st triumph vs AFC South each clip including playoffs

— Jarod Fox (@JarodF_11) January 21, 2024

49ers (-7)

The 49ers person grounded to screen nan NFL constituent spread successful immoderate of their past six games astatine home. Meanwhile, Detroit hasn’t won a roadworthy playoff crippled since 1957, a streak of 11 games. They besides haven’t played outdoors very often. In fact, since losing successful Baltimore 38-6 connected October 22, their only different outdoor roadworthy crippled since, was successful Chicago successful Week 14 and they mislaid again 28-13. Every different crippled has been astatine location aliases indoors.

Still, this Lions’ discourtesy was 5th successful scoring this season, and their second-ranked tally defense will person arsenic bully a changeable arsenic anyone of containing Christian McCaffrey.

But nan Lions’ walk defense tin beryllium exploited. Last week Baker Mayfield threw for 349 yards. The week anterior Matthew Stafford had 367. Before that it was Nick Mullens pinch 396, Dak Prescott pinch 345 and past Mullens again pinch 411. Over that clip successful nan past 5 weeks, Detroit has allowed nan highest yards per play successful nan league.

The Lions person plentifulness of weapons connected discourtesy and should put up immoderate points, but they’ve besides allowed 20+ points successful 5 consecutive games and besides successful 10/11 and that defense will beryllium their undoing here.

Bob Duff

Lions (+7.5)

You person to spell each nan measurement backmost to 1957 to find an NFL postseason successful which nan Detroit Lions won 2 games. That’s besides nan astir caller play successful which nan Lions won an NFL title, truthful nan omens are aligning rather nicely successful nan Motor City.

While it’s existent that Detroit has mislaid 11 consecutive NFL playoff games connected nan road, it’s besides existent that nan past clip nan Lions were victorious successful an distant postseason title was successful that title play of 1957. They were 31-27 winners astatine San Francisco successful a playoff for nan West Division title.

Tobin Rote was nan Lions QB successful that game, while it was YA Tittle nether halfway for nan Niners. YA stood for Yelberton Abraham. That has thing to do pinch nan result of this game. It’s conscionable nosy to write.

Overall, Detroit has mislaid 13 successful a statement astatine San Francisco since a 28-17 verdict successful 1975. But this season’s version of nan Lions is 7-2 ATS arsenic a roadworthy team. Meanwhile, the Super Bowl favorite 49ers are 0-6 ATS successful their past six location games.

Chiefs (+4)

There’s besides an absorbing move astatine activity successful nan AFC Championship Game. The Chiefs ne'er won a convention title crippled connected nan road. Baltimore has ne'er played a convention title crippled astatine home.

Kansas City is 3-2 ATS complete nan past 5 AFC title games. The Chiefs are 5-3-1 ATS arsenic an distant squad this season.

Baltimore is 6-4 ATS arsenic a location team. The Ravens are 6-2 ATS complete nan past 8 games. One of those ATS losses was a week 18 crippled against Pittsburgh successful which Baltimore rested galore starters.

The Ravens and Chiefs are 2-2 ATS successful 4 meetings pinch Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson facing Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes successful nan QB matchup. Jackson is 0-1 ATS erstwhile favored complete Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes' playoff career:

-13-3 record
-4,561 YDS
-38 TDs
-7 INT

— Fanatics Sportsbook | PB (@fanaticsbook_pb) January 22, 2024

Zach Reger

Chiefs (+4)

The Ravens person looked for illustration nan champion squad successful nan NFL for a while now, but Patrick Mahomes is an underdog yet again. Mahomes is 9-1-1 against nan dispersed arsenic an underdog successful his profession now and is 8-3 consecutive up.

The Chiefs person a beardown defense and person nan talent and protect coordinator to limit Lamar Jackson and company. Isiah Pacheco has been moving well, truthful this crippled should travel down to nan wire. I for illustration getting complete a section extremity pinch Kansas City successful nan playoffs.

49ers (-7)

The 49ers escaped a scare past week against nan Packers, truthful now they tin breathe. Even though this crippled is much important than past week’s, San Francisco felt nan unit early on, truthful I expect them to beryllium much relaxed and correct nan vessel against Detroit.

The Lions person been an awesome story, but now they are going connected nan roadworthy to play nan champion squad successful nan NFC. Detroit will fight, but nan 49ers should return attraction of business and get to nan Super Bowl.

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Ryan is SBD's resident shot pro, though his repertoire is by nary intends constricted to a azygous sport. His articles person been published by nan Canadian Hockey League (CHL), Ontario Hockey League (OHL), and nan Kitchener Rangers, and outlets for illustration SportsXpress and

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