Halftime Props for Usher’s 2024 Super Bowl Performance

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Usher performing astatine Super Bowl halftime show

Betting news - Recording creator Usher performs nan nationalist anthem anterior to nan crippled betwixt nan New York Knicks and nan Cleveland Cavaliers astatine Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

  • Halftime props for Usher’s Super Bowl capacity are available
  • Bet connected Usher’s first and past opus performed, positive impermanent appearances
  • See each nan halftime props for Usher’s Super Bowl capacity below, positive picks

The King of R&B is fresh to group nan shape connected fire. As Usher prepares for his hotly anticipated Super Bowl LVIII halftime show, fans are buzzing pinch anticipation astir what surprises nan hitmaker has successful store.

Sportsbooks are joining successful connected nan nosy by offering a wide assortment of Super Bowl halftime props, including Usher’s first and past songs, positive cameo appearances. You tin moreover spot a stake connected whether aliases not Usher will springiness a shoutout to Taylor Swift during his

Let’s break this down and get you group for halftime. It’s arsenic bully a chance arsenic immoderate to punctual you to return advantage of nan Super Bowl betting promotions, pinch each nan sites offering enticing sign-up offers to get you connected board. But support successful mind that immoderate of these halftime props are strictly for intermezo purposes and cannot beryllium stake connected astatine ineligible sportsbooks.

Feel free to jump to a conception of your prime utilizing nan menu, below.

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Super Bowl Halftime First Song Odds

Song Odds

My Way -120
Yeah! +175
DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love +700
Good Good +700
OMG +1100
Burn +2500
My Boo +2500
Love successful This Club +3000
Superstar +3000
Boyfriend +4000

First/Last Song & Cameo likelihood arsenic of February 8th astatine FanDuel Sportsbook and BetMGM Sportsbook.

The San Francisco 49ers are presently flimsy favorites successful nan Super Bowl 58 odds, but this article is each astir Usher’s halftime performance. We do person Super Bowl 58 Game Props if you’re much willing successful nan existent game.

Is “My Way” nan Way?

Usher’s 1997 chart-topper “My Way” became nan early favourite successful nan Usher First Song odds and has remained nan favourite ever since. It’s worthy noting, however, that nan likelihood for “My Way” person really lengthened from -200 to -120 contempt nan way being Usher’s astir communal opening song.

We were ne'er immense connected “My Way” being Usher’s opening Super Bowl, chiefly because it doesn’t align pinch Super Bowl halftime show history. Super Bowl halftime shows thin to commencement pinch a bang and characteristic opening songs pinch much of an upbeat vibe.

“OMG” and “Yeah! are some uplifting tracks that anyone successful nan crowd tin singing on to. We’re sticking pinch “OMG” arsenic our pick, arsenic nan worth is still tremendous. Don’t beryllium amazed if nan halftime show originates pinch nan iconic “Oh my gosh” chant echoing done nan shadowy confines of Allegiant Stadium.

  • Pick: OMG (+1100)

YouTube video

Super Bowl Halftime Last Song Odds

Song Value

Yeah! +100
Confessions, Part 2 +390
DJ Got Us Falling successful Love +490
Without You +490
OMG +750
Somebody to Love +950
Love successful This Club +1500
My Boo +1900
Burn +2500
My Way +2500
Good Good +3400

Usher’s Closing Song?

There is nary dense favourite to beryllium Usher’s past opus astatine Super Bowl 58, though oddsmakers are giving Yeah!” nan champion chance of closing things out. If Usher doesn’t unfastened pinch nan 2004 deed (featuring Ludacris and Lil Jon), it’s surely imaginable he leaves it for nan very end.

Super Bowl closing songs thin to beryllium artist’s astir celebrated hits, though they usually person an affectional constituent to them. Recent examples of affectional last songs see “Fix You” by Coldplay,  “Diamonds” by Rihanna, and “Halo” by Beyonce.

An Usher opus that would fresh this mold is nan 2010 azygous “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love”. It features lyrics specified arsenic “So dance, creation for illustration it’s nan last, past nighttime Of your life, life, gon’ get you right”, positive it’s a spot much recent. “Without You” is different coagulated action owed to its romanticist vibe.

  • Pick: DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (+490)

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Usher Halftime Show Guest Appearance Odds

Artist Value

Alicia Keys -550
Post Malone -340
Ludacris -250
Justin Bieber -114
Lil Jon -102
Pitbull +134
Nicki Minaj +310
Diddy +390
Lil Wayne +550
Taylor Swift +550
David Guetta +640

Who is Usher’s Lucky Guest(s)?

One of nan much nosy Super Bowl prop bets is cameos for nan halftime show. Who will Usher bring connected shape pinch him this Sunday? FanDuel Canada was precocious offering likelihood for this prop, but they’ve taken down this marketplace astatine clip of publishing.

Alicia Keys opened arsenic a dense favourite to look connected shape pinch Usher, and her likelihood shortened to -550 earlier nan marketplace was moved offline. Justin Bieber’s cameo likelihood besides moved from +400 to -114, while Pitbull went from +410 to +134.

For those willing successful nan #SuperBowl half-time show, immoderate notable activity astatine @FanDuelCanada regarding imaginable typical impermanent performers pinch Usher:

Alicia Keys -330 ➡️ -550
Justin Bieber +400 ➡️ -114
Pitbull +410 ➡️ +134

Post Malone was added astatine -340 odds. #GamblingX pic.twitter.com/vu4HZfgvxA

— Domenic Padula (@Domenic_Padula) February 6, 2024

Although he wasn’t initially successful nan Usher impermanent quality odds, Post Malone was precocious added astatine -340 odds. Post Malone is slated to execute “America nan Beautiful” arsenic portion of nan pregame ceremonies (see broadcast props for Super Bowl), but location are nary indications Usher will bring him backmost connected shape astatine halftime.

Ludacris and Lil Jon are some coagulated worth if you don’t want to salary nan lofty value for Alicia Keys (who we powerfully judge will cameo). The 2 rappers are featured connected Usher’s astir celebrated opus “Yeah!” and there’s nary amended measurement for Usher to get nan crowd into his capacity than by bringing these 2 up connected shape pinch him.


  • Alicia Keys (-550)
  • Ludacris (-250)
  • Lil Jon (-102)

Over/Under Songs Odds

Prop Odds

Over 8.5 Songs -200
Under 8.5 Songs +140

How Many Songs?

The halftime show astatine nan Super Bowl is for illustration a speedy dash done each nan champion songs. Artists person only astir 12 to 15 minutes, truthful they typically don’t play immoderate opus from opening to end. Instead, they make nan songs shorter aliases operation them together truthful they tin fresh successful arsenic galore crowd-pleasers arsenic possible.

Oddsmakers person group Usher’s tracklist astatine 8.5 songs, which feels a spot debased to us. Usher has had 18 songs that person made it into nan apical 10, and 9 of those were number 1 hits. The R&B vocalist is besides beautiful bully astatine mixing songs together, truthful he’s apt going to battalion successful arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable by mixing different songs successful cool ways.

YouTube video

Last year, Rihanna managed to compression successful 15 songs successful conscionable complete 13 minutes. We deliberation Usher is tin of thing similar. He apt transcend oddsmakers projections for full songs, particularly considering each SB halftime capacity since 2018 has featured astatine slightest 9 songs.

If you request immoderate much assurance earlier betting this Super Bowl prop, cheque retired really galore songs were performed successful nan past 4 Super Bowl halftimes:

Jennifer Lopez (JLo) and Shakira — 17 songs astatine Super Bowl 54.
The Weeknd — 9 songs astatine Super Bowl 55.
Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar — 11 songs together astatine Super Bowl 56.
Rihanna  — 15 songs astatine Super Bowl 57.

  • Pick: Over 8.5 Songs (-200 astatine BetMGM )

Jewelry / Clothing Props

Type of Necklace First Worn Odds Will Usher beryllium Wearing Sunglasses? Odds Outfit Changes Odds

Ball Chain +200
Box Chain +250
Cable Chain +300
Figaro Chain +350
Link Chain +350
Rope Chain +600
Rolo Chain +600
Yes -250
No +170
Over 1.5 -150
Under 1.5 +120

Shades aliases No Shades?

One of nan much unsocial prop bets for nan Super Bowl revolves astir whether aliases not Usher will beryllium wearing sunglasses erstwhile he’s first unveiled connected shape astatine halftime. Despite nan crippled taking spot indoors astatine Allegiant Stadium, oddsmakers are mounting nan likelihood heavy successful favour of nan R&B vocalist donning shades.

Usher would request to deterioration sunglasses for sun protection compared to an outdoor venue. However, sunglasses could still beryllium portion of his capacity look. Usher sometimes wears sunglasses during performances, arsenic he has done during his Las Vegas residency shows.

In a caller Something In The Water Festival performance, Usher was wearing sunglasses for nan opening opus contempt it appearing to beryllium a beautiful acheronian environment. Oddsmakers cognize thing pinch really they’ve group this betting line, truthful we’re backing nan vocalist to athletics shades successful Sin City connected Sunday.

  • Pick: Usher to Wear Sunglasses (-250)

Other Super Bowl Halftime Prop Bets

Will Usher Debut a New Song?  Odds What Happens First? Odds Will Usher Expose a Nipple?  Odds Will Usher Shoutout Taylor Swift?  Odds

Yes -120
No +100
Usher video montage +150
Pyrotechnics +225
Laser show +310
Dancers +600
Solo musician/guitarist +1050
Usher +1500
Yes +100
No -140
Yes +550
No -1000

New Usher Song?

Identifying worth tin often beryllium difficult erstwhile it comes to online Super Bowl prop bets. These halftime shows are usually unpredictable, but location are definite things we tin count on. One of those is nan halftime vocalist performing his classical hits. When your euphony catalog is arsenic ample arsenic Usher’s, location isn’t overmuch room to trial retired caller material.

Usher is giving Brandy downeeeee connected his caller opus “Ruin”.

Really loving his vocals connected this.
Also emotion nan afrobeats. pic.twitter.com/aWVwvVMUXn

— HEATED🔥🇯🇲 (@4everRnbGenius) February 2, 2024

We are predicting Usher won’t debut a caller opus during his halftime show, which is being offered astatine +100 likelihood by FanDuel. The sportsbook specifically states songs from nan ‘Coming Home’ medium will count arsenic a caller song, except for “Good Good”, “Ruin”, “Risk it All”, and “Standing Next to You”. That’s important fixed nan rising fame of those tracks.

Usher’s caller Las Vegas residency group lists person included classical hits and “Caught Up,” “Love successful This Club,” “I Don’t Mind,” “Good Kisser,” “Climax,” “DJ Got Us Falling successful Love” and “Without You”. With conscionable 13 minutes for a halftime show, we don’t foretell Usher will dedicate clip to debuting a caller opus connected shape Sunday.

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