How to Make Super Bowl Bets Online – See the Steps to Making Your Bets at Online Sportsbooks

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February 6, 2024; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Super Bowl LVIII signage successful beforehand of Caesars Palace. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

  • The biggest betting time of nan twelvemonth is present arsenic Super Bowl 58 is scheduled for Sunday, February 11th
  • Betting connected nan Super Bowl tin beryllium overwhelming for caller and seasoned bettors alike
  • Learn astir nan 3 superior ways to stake connected nan NFL and Super Bowl 58: Moneyline, Spread, and Over/Under bets

Super Bowl 58 is little than a week away. The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs are already successful Las Vegas preparing for nan large crippled and viewers each astir nan world are undoubtedly prepping successful their ain ways, deciding connected wherever to watch,  what spirit of chickenhearted wings to make, and reasoning astir really to make Super Bowl bets online.

It’s an yearly rite for shot fans everywhere, but for those caller to nan crippled and sports betting successful general, 2 questions ever travel up: What benignant of Super Bowl bets tin I make, and really do I make them?

From picking nan consequence of nan coin flip to nan color of Gatorade dumped connected nan winning coach, there’s an awesome and intimidating number of bets to make connected nan large game. Fortunately, immoderate of nan champion bets to make are besides nan easiest to understand.

Let’s tackle immoderate of nan astir straightforward bets to make connected Super Bowl 58!

Can I Bet connected nan Super Bowl?

If sports betting is legal and regulated successful nan authorities you’re located in, yes, you tin stake connected nan Super Bowl!

Betting connected nan Super Bowl is much than conscionable picking a winner. It helps to cognize what bets you tin make, really to publication nan odds, and really to make a wager astatine an online sportsbook erstwhile you’re fresh to do so.

Factor successful nan various types of Super Bowl props you tin bet, and things tin get beautiful confusing very quickly!

But earlier you inquire yourself, “What are Prop Bets?“, let’s attraction connected really to stake connected nan Super Bowl and nan 3 superior ways to do so.

Ways to Bet connected nan Super Bowl

When trying to fig retired how to stake connected nan Super Bowl online, you’ll beryllium met pinch betting lines that look thing for illustration this:

The moneyline, spread, and full are nan astir communal bets you tin make connected an NFL game. But these aren’t conscionable for a regular NFL game: those are nan betting lines for Super Bowl 58!

But which 1 lets you prime a winner? How do you spell “against nan spread”? And is nan full for conscionable 1 squad aliases both? Let’s break it each down!

What Is nan Moneyline?

On nan surface, a moneyline stake asks 1 of nan astir straightforward questions a bettor tin face: who do you deliberation is going to win?

Things only get analyzable erstwhile you’re trying to publication nan odds. For example, nan 49ers are presently -125 to triumph and nan Chiefs are +105. That’s awesome and all, but what do those numbers really mean?

For American odds, a number appearing arsenic a affirmative represents nan underdog for a moneyline bet, while a antagonistic number are likelihood for nan favorite. Seems ironic that nan favourite would get a negative, but there’s a logic for it.

Those affirmative and antagonistic numbers thief find really overmuch money you triumph based connected a hypothetical $100. The affirmative likelihood correspond nan magnitude of money you triumph from a $100 bet, while nan antagonistic likelihood show really overmuch you request to stake to triumph $100.

Let’s usage nan Super Bowl 58 likelihood arsenic an example. The Chiefs are an underdog, getting +105 odds to triumph nan Super Bowl. This intends a winning wager of $100 would gain you $105. In nan image below, nan winning payout is shown arsenic a full of $205, $100 for nan original liking and $105 successful winnings.

But if you stake connected nan 49ers to win, nan -125 intends you request to stake $125 to triumph $100, for a full payout of $225.

Why only $100 from a stake of $125? That’s nan quality of betting connected a favorite: you request to consequence much connected a favourite successful bid to triumph much money.

To make a moneyline bet, click connected nan likelihood successful nan MONEYLINE file of nan TEAM you want to stake on. When nan stake appears connected your Bet Slip, participate nan magnitude you want to wager and click Place Bet.

What Is nan Super Bowl Spread?

Sometimes nan likelihood for a moneyline favourite are truthful overwhelmingly short, that picking a victor isn’t worthy nan bet. You extremity up betting excessively overmuch to triumph excessively little.

So what then? That’s where dispersed betting comes in.

Spread betting is simply a measurement for bookmakers to moreover retired a matchup, successful lawsuit a favourite is importantly amended than an underdog. In this case, a squad has to triumph aliases suffer by a circumstantial magnitude (the “spread”) for nan stake to salary out.

For Super Bowl 58, nan 49ers are favored by 2 points, appearing arsenic -2 connected nan betting line. For their dispersed stake to win, San Francisco needs to hit nan Chiefs by much than 2 points. Conversely, Kansas City needs to suffer by little than 2 points (or triumph nan game) to person their Spread stake salary out.

However, if San Francisco wins by exactly 2 points, nan dispersed stake is simply a push: nan stake doesn’t win, but it doesn’t suffer either. When that happens, you’ll beryllium refunded your original bet.

Because nan dispersed is meant to find a middle-ground betwixt 2 teams, nan disposable likelihood will typically beryllium very adjacent to 1 another, making nan dispersed a existent “either/or” benignant of bet. You tin spot those likelihood supra wherever 49ers -2 is priced astatine -105, and Chiefs +2 is -115.

To make a dispersed bet, click connected nan likelihood successful nan SPREAD file of nan TEAM you want to stake on. When nan stake appears connected your Bet Slip, participate nan magnitude you want to wager and click Place Bet.

What Is nan Super Bowl Over/Under?

Finally, there’s nan over/under aliases full points bet. There’s nary victor aliases loser to prime erstwhile it comes to NFL Over/Under bets, aliases guessing whether a squad tin triumph by definite margin. The only point to determine is if nan mixed scores of nan 2 teams will either spell complete aliases nether nan full constituent line.

In this case, nan over/under for Super Bowl 58 is group astatine 47.5. You either return nan complete and dream nan people adds up 48 aliases spell pinch nan nether and believe it stays astatine 47 aliases lower.

Like dispersed betting, nan over/under is different “either/or” bet, making for likelihood that are adjacent erstwhile they’re not identical. In this lawsuit some nan complete and nether person likelihood of -110.

To make an over/under bet, click connected nan likelihood successful nan TOTAL file of nan TEAM you want to stake on. When nan stake appears connected your Bet Slip, participate nan magnitude you want to wager and click Place Bet.

Where to Bet connected nan Super Bowl?

We don’t each person a section sportsbook successful our metropolis aliases authorities we tin thrust to and spot a stake connected nan Super Bowl. Even if we did, it’s imaginable that nan types of bets disposable would beryllium constricted to picking winners and losers. That’s wherever online sportsbooks commencement to shine, not conscionable successful readiness but besides successful nan adjacent limitless betting options connected offer.

Incidentally, immoderate of nan best apps to stake connected Super Bowl connection sign-up bonuses and promos to immoderate caller users. You can’t suffer pinch awesome likelihood and awesome bonuses!

At nan Bet365 sportsbook app, caller customers tin get $150 successful prize stake from simply betting $5

The latest BetMGM sign-up promo offers caller users $158 successful prize bets, conscionable for making a $5 wager.

Not to beryllium outdone, nan DraftKings promo code instantly unlocks $200 successful prize bets to caller users erstwhile they stake conscionable $5 connected nan Super Bowl this week aft signing up.

And FanDuel Sportsbook whitethorn person nan champion connection of nan four: not only does nan bonus for FanDuel fto users Bet $5 to Get $200 successful prize bets, but each FanDuel users tin triumph a stock of $10,000,000 astatine Super Bowl 58 pinch Rob Gronkowski’s Kick of Destiny 2!

There’s nary limit to nan number of sportsbooks you tin join, meaning you tin return advantage of each and each 1 of these signup promos while shopping for nan champion imaginable Super Bowl 58 odds.

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