Lions vs 49ers Same-Game Parlay Predictions for Sunday

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San Francisco 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel making a drawback against nan Detroit Lions

San Francisco 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel makes a drawback against Detroit Lions protect backmost Will Harris connected Sunday, Sept. 12, 2021 astatine Ford Field.

  • The Detroit Lions sojourn nan San Francisco 49ers successful nan NFC Championship Game connected Sunday, Jan. 28
  • The Lions, who person only mislaid 2 games this play by much than a touchdown, are 7.5-point roadworthy underdogs
  • See a +359 Lions vs 49ers same-game parlay for today’s NFC title game

This day astatine Levi’s Stadium, nan Detroit Lions (14-5, 6-3 away, 13-6 ATS) person a chance to do thing nan franchise hasn’t done since 1957: triumph a roadworthy playoff game. Coincidentally, Detroit’s past roadworthy playoff triumph – nearly 70 years ago – came against nan aforesaid San Francisco 49ers squad nan Lions will look successful nan 2024 NFC Championship Game.

Oddsmakers person established San Francisco (13-5, 6-3 home, 9-9 ATS) arsenic a 7.5-point favourite successful Sunday’s Lions vs 49ers odds, but today’s Detroit vs San Francisco same-game parlay is backing nan Lions to support it competitory and amended connected their NFL-best 13-6 ATS grounds this play (including playoffs).

Pick Odds

Detroit Lions +7.5 -120
Jared Goff complete 274.5 passing yards +140
Christian McCaffrey complete 0.5 TDs -330
Same-Game Parlay Odds +359

Altogether, nan 3 legs of today’s Lions vs 49ers SGP, which besides includes Detroit QB Jared Goff having different large time nether center, travel retired to a +359 value tag.

Odds arsenic of Jan. 28 connected nan FanDuel app. Claim a FanDuel motion up promo to wager connected nan 2024 NFL playoffs. 

After missing past week’s Bucs/Lions SGP by an agonizing six yards, I’m now +7.23 units connected NFL same-game parlays for nan season.

Lions vs 49ers SGP Pick #1: Detroit Lions +7.5

The first limb coming is nan Lions to support nan crippled wrong a touchdown. In nan build-up to nan NFC Championship, a batch has been made of Detroit’s sublime 13-6 ATS grounds (including playoffs). What underpins that gaudy ATS grounds is an elite discourtesy (fifth successful some DVOA and scoring) and a respectable defense (13th successful DVOA) that excels astatine stopping nan run.

It’s precisely that expertise to extremity nan tally that has maine leaning truthful heavy towards Detroit to screen nan spread. San Francisco QB Brock Purdy has looked supremely mean complete nan past month, which saw him slice from dense favourite successful nan NFL MVP odds to a distant third (+2750 connected average) down some presumptive-winner Lamar Jackson and Dak Prescott.

If Detroit’s beforehand 7 tin return distant chunk runs connected first down, nan unit is going to beryllium connected Purdy, who only completed 59% of his passes against Green Bay past week (23-of-39 for 254 yards and 1 TD).

Brock Purdy pinch correct elbow wounded connected sack. Likely UCL sprain. If symptom controlled and expert feels associated is unchangeable return possible.

— Mark Adickes (@MarkAdickes) January 29, 2023

Purdy was knocked retired of past year’s NFC title crippled against Philadelphia connected nan play shown supra aft throwing conscionable 4 passes, truthful this is besides going to beryllium caller territory for nan second-year pro and erstwhile seventh-round pick.

Detroit vs San Francisco SGP Pick #2: Goff Over 274.5 Passing Yards

Jared Goff versus nan San Francisco secondary is thing of an unstoppable-force-meets-immovable-object paradigm. While that’s overselling some sides, there’s a hint of truth to it. Goff has been phenomenal of late, averaging 282 passing yards per crippled successful nan postseason pinch a 74.3 completion percentage, 3 touchdowns, and nary interceptions. Going backmost to nan regular season, he’s gone complete 274.5 yards successful 3 consecutive games and reached astatine slightest 270 successful 5 of his past six.

Didn't afloat admit conscionable really bully of a propulsion this was from Jared Goff. Scheme is great, gets information to wound up and time off MOF open, but Goff was awesome pinch eyes/anticipation. Replay perspective shows really he held his eyes to correct broadside correct up until releasing throw. Excellent worldly

— Mark Bullock (@MarkBullockNFL) January 22, 2024

As touched connected successful nan Lions vs 49ers wounded reports, Detroit is going to beryllium without near defender Jonah Jackson, who’s a large portion of their run-blocking schemes. At afloat strength, Detroit wants to employment a balanced run/pass attack. But that mightiness not beryllium successful nan cards coming owed to injuries. I expect immoderate of nan Detroit “run game” to upwind up being screens Jahmyr Gibbs and quick-outs to their speedy receivers (which will each count arsenic passing yards for Goff).

DET vs SF Same-Game Parlay Pick #3: McCaffrey Over 0.5 Touchdowns

The past limb of today’s Lions/49ers same-game parlay is San Francisco moving backmost Christian McCaffrey to people astatine slightest 1 touchdown. McCaffrey is coming disconnected a two-touchdown crippled against nan Green Bay Packers and tied pinch Miami’s Raheem Mostert for astir touchdowns successful nan NFL during nan regular play (21). The multi-TD crippled against nan Packers continued a inclination for McCaffrey of excelling successful nan playoffs.  In 4 erstwhile playoff games, McCaffrey accounted for 1 touchdown each clip retired and averaged 104 yards from scrimmage.

The Detroit defense is not arsenic generous arsenic it was past season, particularly against nan run. They lowered their points allowed from 427 to 395 and were 2nd successful nan NFL successful unreserved yards allowed (88.8 YPG). But they still classed successful nan bottommost 10 of nan NFL successful scoring defense and McCaffrey is arsenic vulnerable arsenic a walk catchers arsenic he is successful nan backfield.

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Sascha was a lucky subordinate successful his youth, a lawyer successful his capricious mid-20s, and has been pinch SBD since 2014. He specializes successful football, basketball, politics, baseball, and hockey.

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