NBA 3-Point Contest Odds, Predictions, Contestants for 2024

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Damian Lillard competes successful nan 2023 Three-Point Contest

Feb 18, 2023; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Portland Trail Blazers defender Damian Lillard competes successful nan 3-Point Contest during nan 2023 All Star Saturday Night astatine Vivint Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

  • The 2024 NBA 3-Point Contest takes spot Saturday, Feb. 17, astatine Gainbridge Fieldhouse successful Indianapolis
  • Hometown leader Tyrese Haliburton is among nan favorites, conscionable down reigning-winner Damian Lillard
  • See nan likelihood to triumph nan 2024 NBA Three-Point Contest for each 8 competitors positive champion bets

This Saturday, 8 of nan NBA’s apical sharpshooters will caput to Gainbridge Fieldhouse successful Indianapolis for nan yearly 3-Point Contest. Two erstwhile winners are among nan 8 men competing (Damian Lillard, 2023; Karl-Anthony Towns, 2022) and its nan reigning-champion, Lillard, who has been positioned arsenic nan +370 betting favourite for nan 2024 edition.

Following intimately down Lillard successful nan NBA 3-Point Contest likelihood is hometown leader Tyrese Haliburton (+440) of nan Indiana Pacers and Atlanta Hawks defender Trae Young (+550).

Three-Point Contest Odds 2024

Player Odds
Damian Lillard +370
Tyrese Haliburton +440
Trae Young +550
Malik Beasley +650
Jalen Brunson +700
Karl-Anthony Towns +700
Lauri Markkanen +800
Donovan Mitchell +950

Rounding retired nan section are nan Bucks’ Malik Beasley (+650), nan Knicks’ Jalen Brunson (+700), nan T-Wolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns (+700), nan Jazz’s Lauri Markkanen (+800), and nan Cavs’ Donovan Mitchell (+950).

Odds arsenic of Feb. 15, 2024, connected nan FanDuel app. Claim a immense bonus for FanDuel earlier placing your wagers connected nan 2024 NBA All-Star weekend. 

The All-Star festivities commencement astatine 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT connected Saturday. The 3-Point Contest will beryllium nan 2nd arena aft nan Skills Challenge.

As of Friday, nan betting splits connected nan 3-point title saw Haliburton getting nan astir action from nan nationalist astatine DraftKings (29%) of handle, followed by Lillard (16%) and Young (13%).

Donovan Mitchell

Mitchell has competed successful nan 3-Point Contest erstwhile before, backmost successful 2021. He put successful a decent first-round capacity pinch 22 points, but narrowly missed qualifying for nan three-player finals. Jump to nan 5:20 people successful nan video beneath to spot Mitchell’s only erstwhile three-point title performance.

YouTube video

Mitchell (+950) has nan longest likelihood connected nan committee mostly because he’s ne'er been a phenomenal three-point shooter complete his seven-year career. Lifetime, he connects astatine 36.5% from 3 and, this year, he’s beneath his profession mean astatine 36.1%. His champion single-season three-point percent is 38.6, which he accomplished past play and successful 2020-21.

Lauri Markkanen

Markkanen is besides making his 2nd profession quality successful nan 3-Point Contest. Last year, successful his debut, he put up 20 points successful information one, which wasn’t capable to ace nan last trio. The seven-footer has been steadily improving his three-point shooting complete his seven-year career. He ranged from 34.4% to 36.2% during his first 3 years successful nan league, but has deed astatine 39.1% aliases amended successful 3 of his past four, including this season, erstwhile he’s connecting astatine a career-best 40.3% from beyond nan arc.

Karl-Anthony Towns

As mentioned, KAT is 1 of 2 erstwhile winners successful nan field. He won nan arena successful 2022, scoring 22 points successful information 1 and 29 in nan finals, eding retired Luke Kennard and Trae Young.

YouTube video

Towns has an fantabulous in-game way grounds from three. He’s a profession 40% shooter from 3 complete his eight-year career. While his mean dipped to 36.6% successful an injury-shortened 2022-23 campaign, he’s hitting astatine a career-best 43.7% this year. It’s difficult to fig retired why he’s listed pinch nan third-longest odds.

Jalen Brunson

Jalen Brunson is 1 of 2 players making their 3-Point Contest debut this year. With nan Knicks riddled pinch injuries, Brunson has taken connected an accrued scoring domiciled successful his sixth season. Not only is he averaging a career-best 27.6 points per game, he’s doing truthful while shooting 41.1% from three, which is conscionable somewhat beneath nan career-high of 41.6% he group past season.

Malik Beasley

In summation to Brunson, Milwaukee’s Malik Beasley is nan different contestant making his 3-Point Contest debut successful 2024. If nan likelihood were purely based connected in-season performance, Beasley would beryllium nan favorite. The ten-year journeyman has been perfectly deadly from beyond nan arc this year, hitting astatine 44.4%.

But if he stays successful that range, it will beryllium conscionable nan 2nd clip he’s deed astatine 40% aliases amended for a afloat season. Lifetime, Beasley is simply a 38.7% shooter from three.

Trae Young

One of nan highest-volume three-point shooters successful nan league, Trae Young besides has a decent way grounds successful nan 3-Point Contest. His first quality backmost successful 2020 was forgettable – a 15-point first-round capacity that didn’t get him to nan finals – but his 2nd quality successful 2022 saw him put up 22 points successful information 1 and 26 successful nan finals, which was almost capable to wrest nan title from Towns (29).

Young has ne'er deed astatine a great clip from three. His life mean is 35.4% and his single-season champion is 38.2% backmost successful 2021-22. This year, he’s hitting astatine 37.1% while launching precisely 9 triples per game.

Tyrese Haliburton

Sure to beryllium nan instrumentality favourite astatine Gainbridge Fieldhouse, nan Pacers’ Tyrese Haliburton is listed arsenic nan second-favorite successful nan 3-Point Contest likelihood for myriad reasons. Not only will he person nan crowd connected his side, he’s besides coming disconnected an quality successful nan finals past year, his first effort astatine nan 3-Point Contest. Haliburton put up a monolithic 31 points successful information 1 past twelvemonth – nan highest of nan 8 men competing – but only managed 17 successful nan finals, which wasn’t capable to seizure nan title.

YouTube video

In conscionable his 5th twelvemonth successful nan NBA, Haliburton has never shot worse than 40% from 3 for a season. He’s hitting astatine precisely 40% this twelvemonth and is simply a life 40.6% three-point shooter.

Damian Lillard

Reigning-champion Damian Lillard will beryllium making his 3rd quality successful nan 3-Point Contest. He grounded to scope nan finals successful 2019, posting 17 points successful information one. But past year, he put up 26 successful nan first information – second-highest aft Haliburton’s 31 – and matched that pinch different 26 successful nan finals, which was capable to return nan title.

Lillard had entered nan 2023 version arsenic nan +425 co-favorite alongside erstwhile champion Buddy Hield. But, for illustration Trae Young, he’s ne'er had nan champion three-point percent during his legendary 12-year career. He’s averaged 37% from 3 and only eclipsed 40% once. He’s hitting astatine conscionable 34.1% from beyond nan arc this season, which is would beryllium nan second-lowest of his profession if it doesn’t improve.

NBA 3-Point Contest Contest Prediction

As I already hinted at, nan 1 subordinate whose likelihood standout to maine is Towns. Not only is he a 40% three-point shooter for his career, he’s besides having his champion play to day from beyond nan arc and is a erstwhile victor of this event. He should beryllium among nan top-three favorites, not a +700 afterthought.

2024 NBA 3-Point Contest Pick: Karl-Anthony Towns (+700)

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