Packers vs 49ers Props – Best Player Props to Bet for NFL Divisional Round Playoffs

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San Francisco 49ers tight extremity George Kittle and moving backmost Christian McCaffrey celebrates touchdown

Dec 10, 2023; Santa Clara, California, USA; San Francisco 49ers tight extremity George Kittle (85) celebrates pinch moving backmost Christian McCaffrey (23) aft scoring a touchdown against nan Seattle Seahawks during nan 4th fourth astatine Levi's Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

  • Which Packers vs 49ers subordinate props should you beryllium betting for Saturday’s NFL divisional game?
  • We’re targeting 49ers tight extremity George Kittle successful our NFL playoff props
  • Read beneath for Packers vs 49ers props likelihood and picks for Saturday Night Football

NFL subordinate props person been released for nan Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers divisional information crippled connected Saturday evening. Bettors tin wager connected nan passing yards totals for quarterbacks Jordan Love and Brock Purdy, positive a plethora of different prop betting options.

Among our master Packers vs 49ers subordinate props is simply a play connected San Francisco tight extremity George Kittle, who we expect to spell disconnected against nan Green Bay secondary. We’ve besides identified worth connected 1 of nan quarterbacks to propulsion an interception.

Let’s get into nan Packers vs 49ers props, arsenic we connection you our apical picks for Saturday’s NFL playoff game.

Packers vs 49ers Player Props

Passer Pass Completions Passing Yards Passing TDs Rusher Rushing Attempts Rushing Yards Rushing + Receiving Yards Receiver Receptions Receiving Yards Longest Reception
Brock Purdy (SF) 20.5 (O -125 | U -105) 264.5 (O -115 | U -115) 1.5 (O -210 | U +160)
Jordan Love (GB) 22.5 (O -125 | U -105) 250.5 (O -115 | U -115) 1.5 (O -115 | U -115)
Aaron Jones (GB) 16.5 (O +100 | U -130) 67.5 (O -115 | U -115) 91.5 (O -115 | U -115)
Christian McCaffrey (SF) 18.5 (O -115 | U -115) 92.5 (O -125 | U -105) 130.5 (O -125 | U -105)
Deebo Samuel (SF) OFF 16.5 (O -115 | U -115) 82.5 (O -115 | U -115)
Jordan Love (GB) 2.5 (O +114 | U -145) 8.5 (O -115 | U -115) OFF
Bo Melton (GB) 1.5 (O +125 | U -155) 11.5 (O -115 | U -115) 25.5 (O -115 | U -115)
Brandon Aiyuk (SF) 4.5 (O -115 | U -115) 65.5 (O -115 | U -115) 25.5 (O -115 | U -115)
Christian Watson (GB) 2.5 (O -105 | U -125) 28.5 (O -115 | U -115) 16.5 (O -120 | U -110)
Deebo Samuel (SF) 4.5 (O -130 | U +100) 59.5 (O -115 | U -115) 22.5 (O -120 | U -110)
Dontayvion Wicks (GB) 2.5 (O -145 | U +114) 31.5 (O -115 | U -115) 17.5 (O -115 | U -125)
George Kittle (SF) 3.5 (O -166 | U 4130) 51.5 (O -125 | U -105) 22.5 (O -115 | U -115)
Jauan Jennings (SF) 1.5 (O +100 | U -130) 16.5 (O -115 | U -115) 18.5 (O -115 | U -110)
Jayden Reed (GB) 3.5 (O -130 | U +100) 41.5 (O -120 | U -110) 12.5 (O -120 | U -115)
Luke Musgrave (GB) 2.5 (O +140 | U -180) 19.5 (O -115 | U -115) 13.5 (O -115 | U -115)
Romeo Doubs (GB) 3.5 (O +114 | U -145) 36.5.5 (O -115 | U -115) 18.5 (O -110 | U -120)
Tucker Kraft (GB) 2.5 (O -115 | U -115) 23.5 (O -105 | U -125) 13.5 (O -110 | U -120)

In nan 49ers vs Packers subordinate props, Brock Purdy has nan higher passing yards full of nan 2 quarterbacks astatine 266.5 yards. The highest rushing full connected nan committee belongs to San Francisco moving backmost Christian McCaffrey, who is projected to unreserved for astatine slightest 93 yards.

The 49ers are presently 10-point favorites complete nan Packers, pinch our master forecasting a high-scoring crippled successful his Packers vs 49ers likelihood & picks.

All likelihood arsenic of January 20th, 2024 astatine DraftKings and FanDuel Sportsbook. Make judge you cheque retired nan champion NFL betting apps for subordinate prop betting.

Packers vs 49ers Player Props #1: George Kittle Receiving Yards

The first subordinate we are targeting successful our Packers vs 49ers subordinate props is San Francisco 49ers tight extremity George Kittle. The Packers person struggled to take sides tight ends this season, allowing 10 full touchdowns to that position group. Kittle is adjacent successful statement to utilization those weaknesses.

Kittle, who missed San Francisco’s regular-season finale owed to backmost spasms, was a afloat subordinate successful believe this week and is expected to play Saturday. In 16 regular-season games, he led each tight ends pinch 1,020 receiving yards, while signaling six touchdowns connected 65 receptions.

George Kittle Highlights vs Packers, 2019 Week 12!

He went OFF vs nan Packers during this game, arsenic they went connected to rustle them retired by nan extremity of it 💪🏼🔥! #49ers #FTTB #Kittle #49ersvsPackers

— Chris – NFL Content (@chrissantosss_) January 18, 2024

Kittle’s statement is group astatine 51.5 Yards, and we deliberation that’s excessively debased fixed nan matchup advantage. Kittle has gone complete his subordinate prop statement successful 8 of his past 10 games, and there’s been immoderate overreaction to his outlier 29-yard receiving-yard capacity successful his past crippled vs Washington.

Albeit successful garbage time, nan Packers gave up 100 receiving yards and 3 TDs to Dallas Cowboys tight extremity Jake Ferguson successful nan Wild Card round. They’ve fixed up an mean of 65 receiving yards to tight ends successful their past 5 games, and Kittle is being targeted connected 19.2% of SF’s violative plays.

Considering San Francisco’s #2 tight extremity has only seen 3 targets each season, we deliberation Purdy will move to TE #1 Kittle capable to push nan Iowa alum complete his subordinate prop number.

  • Packers vs 49ers Props Picks: George Kittle Over 51.5 Receiving Yards (-125)

Packers vs 49ers Player Props #2: Jordan Love Interceptions

Jordan Love’s nationalist cognition is astatine an all-time precocious pursuing his epic capacity against nan Cowboys successful nan Wild Card round. While we deliberation he’ll person different decent showing against nan 49ers, there’s worth successful betting connected him to propulsion an interception.

Most sportsbooks person Jordan Love to propulsion an interception astatine dense -180 odds, but FanDuel presently has this statement astatine -158. This implies location is conscionable a 61.24% chance Love will propulsion a prime against nan 49ers. You still person to salary immoderate juice, but there’s worth successful this statement sitting wherever it’s astatine for your Packers vs 49ers picks.

Packers are 1-6 erstwhile Jordan Love throws an interception. 49ers were T-1st pinch 22 interceptions this season.

I for illustration nan likelihood 🔥

— Leo Luna (@LeoLuna93) January 16, 2024

This 49ers defense is arsenic elite arsenic it gets, tied for nan NFL lead pinch 22 interceptions forced this season. With SF presently favored by 10 points successful nan NFL odds, there’s a beardown likelihood Love and nan Packers will autumn down astatine immoderate point. This intends nan Green Bay QB will unit immoderate risky passes, expanding nan likelihood of an interception.

The 49ers’ beforehand 4 of Nick Bosa, Chase Young, Arik Armstead, and Javon Hargrave are each tin of getting to nan quarterback. Pro Football Focus grades SF’s walk unreserved arsenic nan fourth-best successful nan NFL, afterall. Linebacker Fred Warner was a unanimous All-Pro pinch 4 interceptions and 11 passes defended.

Love possesses a stellar 69% completion percent erstwhile he’s kept cleanable successful nan pocket, but that number drops beneath 50% erstwhile he’s pressured. Given nan relentlessness of nan San Francisco walk rush, we deliberation Love will beryllium pressured into astatine slightest 1 prime Saturday night.

Packers vs 49ers Touchdown Scorer Props

Player Odds to Score 1st TD Odds to Score Any TD
Christian McCaffrey (SF) +310 -340
Deebo Samuel (SF) +700 +100
George Kittle (SF) +800 +110
Brandon Aiyuk (SF) +800 +125
Aaron Jones (GB) +800 +100
Jayden Reed (SF) +1400 +190
SF 49ers D/ST +1700 +300
Romeo Doubs (GB) +1800 +260
Christian Watson (GB) +2000 +280
Dontayvion Wicks (SF) +2000 +280
Elljah Mitchell (SF) +2500 +475
Brock Purdy (SF) +2500 +450
Jauan Jennings (SF) +2800 +500
Luke Musgrave (SF) +2800 +425
Tucker Kraft (SF) +2800 +475
Ray-Ray McCloud (GB) +3500 +700
Jordan Mason (SF) +4000 +800
Ronnie Bell (SF) +4000 +800
Emanuel Wilson (SF) +4000 +700
GB Packers D/ST +4000 +700
Jordan Love (GB) +4000 +600

In nan Packers vs 49ers TD scorer market, San Francisco’s Christian McCaffrey is simply a monolithic -340 favourite to find paydirt. This implies location is simply a 77% chance nan 49ers RB will find nan endzone. Check retired nan unsocial measurement we are targeting McCaffrey successful this marketplace below.

According to betting information released by DraftKings Sportsbook, McCaffrey is still nan second-most stake anytime TD scorer connected Saturday, while he’s nan astir stake subordinate to people nan first touchdown (+310).

Odds arsenic of January 20th astatine DraftKings Sportsbook. Create a DraftKings SGPx for nan 49ers vs Packers showdown. 

Packers vs 49ers Player Props #3: Christian McCaffrey Touchdowns

We task San Francisco moving backmost Christian McCaffrey will person a monster crippled successful nan NFL divisional information against nan Packers. But arsenic nan subordinate props array supra shows, location isn’t overmuch worth connected him to people a touchdown astatine dense -340 odds.

So, what’s nan champion McCaffrey subordinate prop stake to make for nan divisional round? We’re making a smaller play connected McCaffrey’s rushing & receiving yards (130.5) astatine -125 odds, but we’re giving retired McCaffrey 2+ touchdowns astatine +150 arsenic our charismatic play.

This season, Christian McCaffrey became nan 1st subordinate since Emmitt Smith successful 1995 to lead nan NFL successful rushing each week from nan commencement of nan play to nan end. #49ers

— NFL Stats (@NFL_Stats) January 19, 2024

Not only has McCaffrey recovered paydirt successful 13 of 16 games this season, but he’s besides had 5 different multi-touchdown games successful 2023. The NFL’s leader successful scrimmage yards should utilization a Green Bay unreserved defense that has allowed 128 yards per crippled this year.

While GB’s tally defense has surely improved complete nan 2nd half of nan season, support successful mind McCaffrey is besides a threat successful nan passing game. The 27-year-old runs much receiving routes than immoderate different NFL moving backmost and has hauled successful 7 TD passes done nan air.

In Green Bay’s caller triumph complete Dallas successful nan Wild Card round, nan Packers gave up a rushing TD to Cowboys RB Tony Pollard while allowing Pollard and chap moving backmost Rico Dowdle to harvester for 40-plus receiving yards. McCaffrey is simply a different animal entirely, and nan GB defense won’t beryllium capable to incorporate him Saturday.

  • Packers vs 49ers Props Picks: Christian McCaffrey 2+ Touchdowns (+150)

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