Scorigami Odds for 2024 Super Bowl – What’s a ‘Scorigami’ & Should You Bet It?

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  • Scorigami likelihood for 2024 Super Bowl are now available
  • What’s a scorigami and should you stake it?
  • Read beneath for nan 2024 scorigami odds, positive our champion prop bet

Will location beryllium a scorigami successful Super Bowl 58? The likelihood of it happening aren’t likely, according to bookmakers successful Las Vegas. However, caller trends pinch nan San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs bespeak this could beryllium a nosy prop worthy sprinkling connected this year.

Many sportsbooks are joining successful connected nan nosy this twelvemonth by offering scorigami likelihood for 2024. You’ll want to declare NFL betting bonuses earlier laying down immoderate money connected this bet.

What precisely is simply a scorigami and should you stake it? We break it down below, positive show you really to wager connected nan scorigami likelihood for 2024.

What Is a Scorigami Bet In Sports Betting?

A “Scorigami bet” successful sports betting refers to betting connected whether a fixed crippled will extremity pinch a last people that has ne'er occurred earlier successful that league’s history.

The word “Scorigami” was coined by shot writer Jon Bois successful 2016 to picture these unsocial last scores successful nan NFL. Due to nan circumstantial measurement points are scored successful football, pinch touchdowns, other points, section goals, and safeties, location are galore imaginable last scores but galore that person ne'er really occurred.

In each NFL crippled location lies a hidden imaginable — to execute a people that's ne'er happened before.@Jon_Bois breaks down nan creation of Scorigami. 📊#NFLFilmsPresents

— NFL Films (@NFLFilms) December 22, 2021

A Scorigami stake is fundamentally a novelty prop stake offered by immoderate sportsbooks, usually astir awesome events for illustration nan Super Bowl. Bettors tin wager connected whether nan crippled will extremity pinch a Scorigami (a last people that has ne'er happened before) aliases not. The likelihood are usually very long, for illustration +2000, because Scorigamis are rare.

There person been immoderate Scorigami scores successful Super Bowl history, but they don’t hap often. The past was Super Bowl 48 successful 2014 erstwhile Seattle hit Denver 43-8. Books for illustration DraftKings offered a Scorigami prop stake for Super Bowl 57 astatine +2000 odds. Learn how to stake connected nan Super Bowl online.

Super Bowl Scorigami Odds

Will There beryllium a Scorigami? Odds

Yes +2000
No -1000

Odds arsenic of Feb. 8 astatine DraftKings Sportsbook. Check retired nan champion Super Bowl betting apps for scorigami prop betting.

Sportsbooks are offering novelty prop bets connected whether Super Bowl 58 betwixt nan Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will consequence successful a scorigami. The Chiefs are presently favorites successful nan odds to triumph nan Super Bowl.

The likelihood of a scorigami occurring are listed astatine +2000 by DraftKings, meaning a $100 stake would nett $2000 successful profit if it hits. This is considered a longshot stake fixed that only 3 scorigamis person occurred successful Super Bowl history – Super Bowl 21 ended pinch a last people of 39-20, Super Bowl 24 was 55-10, and astir precocious Super Bowl 48 successful 2014 had a people of 43-8.

Super Bowl Scorigami Scores

Super Bowl Teams Involved Final Score Year

XXI New York Giants vs. Denver Broncos 39-20 1987
XXIV San Francisco 49ers vs. Denver Broncos 55-10 1990
XLVIII Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos 43-8 2014

Each of these scores was unsocial astatine nan clip they occurred, marking a Scorigami for Super Bowl history. Interestingly, nan Denver Broncos suffered a nonaccomplishment successful each one.

While a scorigami is unlikely, bettors do person amended likelihood disposable if limiting characteristic to conscionable Super Bowl history. A last people that has occurred successful a erstwhile Super Bowl but not this 1 specifically is +450, while a repetition Super Bowl people is heavy favored astatine -650.

Other types of Super Bowl props disposable related to nan last people see whether nan crippled will extremity pinch a people that matches immoderate different erstwhile Super Bowl, which squad will people past yet still triumph nan game, if nan Chiefs will way successful nan 4th 4th but yet look victorious, and more.

Should You Bet nan Scorigami successful Super Bowl 58?

While Super Bowl scorigamis are rather rare, a unsocial NFL last people isn’t wholly uncommon. In fact, location were 9 Scorigamis during this past regular play alone. The astir caller scorigami successful nan NFL came successful Week 17, erstwhile nan Baltimore Ravens hit nan Miami Dolphins 56-19 while clinching nan apical playoff seed successful nan AFC.

We’re leaning towards tossing a sprinkle connected this bet, arsenic nan 49ers person been a portion of 17 scorigamis making love backmost to 2002. The Chiefs, meanwhile, person been a portion of six scorigamis successful that aforesaid clip frame. KC had a near-scorigami this season, beating Denver 19-8, a people that hasn’t occurred since 1927.

DEN 8 – 19 KC

No Scorigami. That people has happened 1 clip before, astir precocious connected October 12, 1927.

— Scorigami (@NFL_Scorigami) October 13, 2023

Factors that summation nan likelihood of a scorigami are uncommon two-point scoring plays, for illustration safeties aliases two-point conversions. According to nan Super Bowl 58 Game props, location are dense -4000 likelihood of astatine slightest 1 information and +125 likelihood of a 2-point conversion attempt.

A Super Bowl scorigami is thing nosy to guidelines for, truthful you can’t spell incorrect tossing $10 connected this prop bet. Even a mini wager specified arsenic $10 would return $200 if successful. With truthful galore different Super Bowl prop bets available, this is 1 worthy a mini wager to make your viewing acquisition much exciting.

Bet “yes” for a Scorigami astatine DraftKings Sportsbook . Our promo codification will beryllium automatically applied erstwhile registering, giving you nan champion imaginable value.

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Entertainment NFL NHL NCAAF

Brady is nan lead NHL and College Football editor astatine Sports Betting Dime, wherever he specializes successful betting likelihood and data-driven analysis. Brady has complete 10 years acquisition moving successful sports media, pinch activity published by outlets specified arsenic ESPN, CBS Sports, Yahoo! Sports and Fox Sports.

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