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Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen celebrating touchdown hands raised bluish jersey

Buffalo Bills backmost Josh Allen (17) celebrates pinch fans aft his 81 gait touchdown walk to Buffalo Bills wide receiver Khalil Shakir (10).

  • Sign up pinch nan ESPN BET app for each nan shot action this weekend.
  • Use codification DIME erstwhile registering for a Bet Anything, Get $250 prize offer.
  • Bengals vs Steelers, Bills vs. Chargers, and NCAAF Bowl Games connected pat for today.

‘Tis nan Season for sports bettors, and if you haven’t already downloaded nan ESPN BET app, past today’s a awesome time to get started.

Register done nan ESPN BET app utilizing promo codification DIME and get $250 successful prize bets for a vacation play of wagering.

With large NFL games this Saturday for illustration Bengals vs. Steelers and Bills vs. Chargers, positive assemblage shot Bowl Games, there’s nary clip for illustration nan coming to download nan ESPN BET app.

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Get started pinch this mobile sportsbook and spot everything they person to connection for a awesome play successful sports.

Download ESPN BET App and Register With Code DIME

ESPN BET App How to Download

ESPN BET Promo Code Use Code DIME for Bet Anything, Get $250
App Store Rating 4.9/5 Stars
Mobile Devices Android, iOS
Bonus T&Cs Bonus bets expire wrong 7 days, $10 minimum deposit, winnings do not see first $50 stake.
Last Verified Dec. 23, 2023

The ESPN BET app is disposable successful nan pursuing 17 states: Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

With a 4.9-star standing connected nan Apple App Store, bettors are intelligibly loving everything ESPN BET has to offer. Using ESPN BET promo code DIME will unlock nan Bet Anything, Get $250 successful Bonus Bets offer. The prize bets get successful 5 $50 increments, which tin return up to 48-72 hours, but usually quicker.

For example, you could download nan ESPN BET app, usage promo codification DIME, and wager $10 connected nan Bills vs. Chargers crippled to unlock nan $250 successful prize bets. A $10 wager connected Bills -12.5 astatine -108 likelihood would triumph you $9.26 for a full payout of $19.26. Then, ESPN BET would grant you pinch nan $250 successful promo rate astatine 5 prize bets of $50 each.

Here’s how to download nan ESPN BET app and motion up to get $250 successful prize bets:

  1. Create Your Account: Enter nan basal individual specifications connected nan first screen, including email, telephone number, username, password, and promo codification DIME.
  2. Verify Your Email: Authorize your relationship by verifying your email. You could beryllium asked to proviso nan past 4 digits of your SSN arsenic well.
  3. Personal Details: Finalize your individual accusation and group immoderate responsible gambling limits. These see regular clip limit, check-in frequency, deposit limits, walk limits, max azygous wager limits, and nonaccomplishment limits.
  4. The Fine Print: Agree to nan ESPN BET position and conditions. I person publication these and everything checks out.
  5. Complete nan Identity Check: The ESPN BET personality cheque will inquire you to scan your driver’s license, ID card, aliases passport. You must beryllium astatine slightest 21-years aged to motion up pinch ESPN BET.
  6. Make a Deposit: Use an approved costs method for illustration Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, Venmo, VIP Preferred, Skrill, aliases ligament transportation to money your caller ESPN sportsbook account. Minimum deposit request is $10.
  7. Place Your First Bet: Place your first wager connected immoderate marketplace you like, including Bengals vs Steelers aliases Bills vs. Chargers. Betting will merchandise nan $250 successful prize bets you unlocked pinch promo codification DIME but please statement they’ll get successful 5 sets of $50 prize bets. Bonus bets expire wrong 7 days.

ESPN BET promo codification section screenshot pinch codification DIME

NFL Saturday Has Bengals vs. Steelers & Bills vs. Chargers

There are immoderate monolithic NFL games featured successful Week 16, and Saturday has a mates of large matchups you won’t want to miss.

The Bengals return connected nan Steelers successful an AFC North conflict astatine 4:30pm ET, while nan Bills spell up against nan Chargers successful Primetime astatine 8:00pm ET.

Cold arsenic ice.

— Cincinnati Bengals (@Bengals) December 22, 2023

Make judge you download nan ESPN BET app early and registry utilizing codification DIME truthful you’re fresh for each nan action, particularly if you’re doing past infinitesimal gift shopping connected Saturday!

As per nan latest NFL odds, nan Bengals are somewhat favorited complete nan Steelers astatine -2.5 points, and nan Bills are monolithic favorites complete nan lowly Chargers pinch a 12-point spread.

Get started pinch nan ESPN BET app truthful you’re fresh for this breathtaking slate of Saturday NFL action.

College Football Bowl Season Continues Saturday

With a uncommon schedule of NFL Saturday games, don’t hide astir nan assemblage shot Bowl Games that will beryllium continuing this play arsenic well.

Saturday features events for illustration nan Birmingham Bowl pinch Troy vs. Duke, nan Famous Idaho Potato Bowl pinch Georgia State vs. Utah State, and nan Las Vegas Bowl pinch Utah vs. Northwestern.

WE GOT EM’ @GeorgiaStateFB and @USUFootball are going to conflict it retired connected nan bluish December 23!

— FamousID Potato Bowl (@IDPotatoBowl) December 3, 2023

Check retired our college shot odds page truthful you tin make informed decisions for betting Bowl Games connected nan ESPN BET app.

Just retrieve to usage ESPN BET promo codification DIME erstwhile registering to declare nan Bet Anything, Get $250 connection for caller users.

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MMA Sportsbooks Gambling Horse Racing

A sports extreme and strategical wordsmith, Mitchell has been penning gaming contented for complete 7 years. As sports betting emerges successful markets crossed nan globe, he’s fresh to travel alongside those who haven’t wagered earlier pinch informative articles and broad how-to guides.

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