Teofimo Lopez vs Jamaine Ortiz Odds, Prediction & How to Watch

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Junior welterweights Antonio Moran and Jamaine Ortiz conflict successful a Top Rank bout astatine nan American Bank Center connected Friday, Sept. 15, 2023, successful Corpus Christi, Texas. Jamaine Ortiz won successful 10 rounds.

  • Teofimo Lopez vs Jamaine Ortiz goes Thursday nighttime successful Las Vegas
  • The latest boxing likelihood favour “The Takeover” to garner victory
  • Read beneath for Lopez vs Ortiz odds, prediction and really to watch

The boxing world will beryllium laser-focused connected Las Vegas this Thursday nighttime for a can’t-miss inferior welterweight title conflict betwixt Teofimo Lopez and Jamaine Ortiz. The bout headlines a packed paper astatine nan Michelob ULTRA Arena, pinch nan main paper starting astatine 10:30 p.m. ET connected ESPN+ and ringwalks for nan main arena scheduled for astir 11:30 p.m. ET.

Oddsmakers are favoring “The Takeover” this bout, mounting nan defending unified 140-pound champion arsenic a dense favourite successful nan boxing odds. The likelihood of nan conflict going nan afloat 12 rounds is group astatine a juiced -190.

Let’s get into nan Lopez vs Ortiz odds, arsenic we connection you our prediction and anlysis for Thursday’s boxing fight.

Teofimo Lopez vs Jamaine Ortiz Odds

Fighter Odds
Teofimo Lopez -650
Jamaine Ortiz +2000

In nan Teofimo Lopez vs Jamaine Ortiz odds, Lopez is nan -650 favorite, meaning he has 97% implied probability to conclusion Ortiz.

Odds arsenic of Feb. 7 astatine BetMGM Sportsbook. Claim nan BetMGM promo code to wager connected Lopez vs Ortiz.

How to Watch Lopez vs Ortiz

You tin watch nan conflict unrecorded connected ESPN+ successful nan US aliases connected Sky Sports successful nan UK. The main paper starts astatine 10:30 p.m. ET / 7:30 p.m. PT pinch nan main arena ringwalks expected astir 11:30 p.m. ET / 8:30 p.m. PT.

To watch connected ESPN+, you request an ESPN+ subscription which costs $9.99 per period aliases $99.99 per year. You tin motion up astatine plus.espn.com aliases download nan ESPN app.

Region Date/Time Channel
USA Thurs, Feb 8
Main Card: 10:30 p.m. ET
Main Event: ~11:30 p.m. ET
Live connected ESPN+
UK Fri, Feb 9
Main Card: 3:30 americium GMT
Main Event: ~5:00 americium GMT
Live connected Sky Sports

The conflict takes spot astatine nan Michelob ULTRA Arena successful Las Vegas and besides features an intriguing lightweight co-main arena betwixt Keyshawn Davis and Jose Pedraza.

This unsocial Thursday nighttime paper during Super Bowl week is simply a large opportunity for some Lopez and Ortiz to make statements. It should make for an breathtaking nighttime of boxing action.

Teofimo Lopez Betting Analysis

Lopez (19-1, 13 KOs) enters arsenic nan -700 favourite and defending unified 140-pound champion. He is coming disconnected a signature triumph complete Josh Taylor past November that netted “The Takeover” 2 belts successful his caller weight class.

Lopez has looked rejuvenated since moving up from lightweight, utilizing his vaunted powerfulness and manus velocity to overwhelm opponents. The Brooklyn autochthonal will beryllium making nan first defense of those titles against his mandatory challenger Ortiz.


Lightning Speed: Lopez moves for illustration a caffeinated hummingbird. His footwork is poesy successful motion, and his combinations are a symphony of violence.

Ring IQ: He’s not conscionable a puncher; he’s a thinker. Lopez sounds opponents for illustration a well-worn novel, anticipating their moves earlier they moreover cognize they’re making them.

Championship Experience: Having dethroned nan legendary Vasiliy Lomachenko, Lopez knows what it’s for illustration to creation pinch nan gods of boxing.


Emotional Swings: Lopez wears his bosom connected his sleeve. If he gets disappointment aliases angry, it tin impact his crippled plan.

Gas Tank: Can he support his blistering gait for 12 rounds? That’s nan million-dollar question.

Ortiz Betting Analysis

Ortiz (17-1-1, 8 KOs) represents an intriguing foe for Lopez, pinch nan skills to perchance dethrone nan champion. The 26-year-old gave Vasiliy Lomachenko each he could grip successful a title bout past year, displaying accelerated hands and fantabulous boxing IQ against nan Ukrainian great.

Ortiz fights retired of a southpaw stance and has a beardown jab he’ll request to found against Lopez. This is his first ace astatine a world title aft earning nan mandatory position pinch 5 consecutive wins.


Slick Defense: Ortiz is for illustration a shadow. Slippery, elusive, and frustrating for opponents.

Counterpunching: He lures foes in, past cracks them pinch lightning-fast counters. It’s for illustration he’s playing chess while everyone other is playing checkers.

Heart: Ortiz has nan bosom of a lion. He won’t backmost down, nary matter really difficult Lopez swings.


Power: Ortiz lacks nan one-punch knockout power. He’s much of a surgeon than a sledgehammer.

Inexperience astatine This Level: This is his first creation pinch a world champion. Will nan agleam lights unsighted him?

Lopez vs Ortiz Tale of nan Tape

19-1 Record 17-1-1
13 Knockouts 8
5’8″ Height 5’8″
68.5″ Reach 69″
Orthodox Stance Orthodox

Lopez vs Ortiz Prediction

The keys to triumph diverge starkly for some men. Lopez is nan bigger puncher and will look to usage his explosiveness and counterpunching to onshore damaging shots. He has one-punch knockout powerfulness and showed successful nan Taylor conflict he only needs 1 opening to extremity nan fight.

YouTube video

Ortiz is nan superior technician who will person to trust connected his footwork and activity complaint to outmaneuver Lopez for 12 rounds. If he tin enactment disconnected nan ropes and debar getting drawn into exchanges, Ortiz tin perchance outbox Lopez utilizing his jab and lateral movement.

But Lopez only needs 1 punch to flip nan script, while Ortiz will person to conflict a cleanable tactical fight. This opposition of styles and skills should present boxing fans nan imaginable for a dramatic, back-and-forth warfare betwixt a rising contender and returning champion.


  • Lopez to Win connected Points (-120)
  • Fight to Go Full 12 Rounds (-190)

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Brady is nan lead NHL and College Football editor astatine Sports Betting Dime, wherever he specializes successful betting likelihood and data-driven analysis. Brady has complete 10 years acquisition moving successful sports media, pinch activity published by outlets specified arsenic ESPN, CBS Sports, Yahoo! Sports and Fox Sports.

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