The 10 Weirdest Super Bowl 2024 Props

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Jason Kelce reacts aft nan Kansas City Chiefs people against nan Buffalo Bills

Jan 21, 2024; Orchard Park, New York, USA; Jason Kelce reacts aft nan Kansas City Chiefs people against nan Buffalo Bills during nan first half for nan 2024 AFC divisional information crippled astatine Highmark Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

  • The Super Bowl is notorious for offering a full bevy of absorbing prop bets
  • What colour chapeau will Rebe McEntire deterioration and which Vegas landmark will beryllium shown are conscionable a mates of nan props of nan novelty variety
  • Here’s a look astatine nan weirdest Super Bowl props disposable up of Sunday’s matchup astatine Allegiant Stdium Stadium

If you’re looking for a heavy dive into nan analytics of this weekend’s 49ers vs Chiefs matchup, good this is not nan spot for you. This article is each astir nan weird stuff. From nan somesthesia astatine kick-off, to commercials, players getting arrested and Travis Kelce proposing, we’re breaking down immoderate of nan champion weird Super Bowl props this weekend.

Note that while you whitethorn find a fewer of these astatine ineligible sportsbooks, astir will not beryllium disposable and are simply based connected fictional likelihood and are for intermezo purposes only.

10) Super Bowl Commercial Props

If you’re caller to nan galore different types of Super Bowl props, 1 of nan much celebrated broadcast props are which commercials will beryllium shown first. Major companies will walk millions of dollars to get their brands shown during 1 of nan biggest tv events of nan year.

And while you can’t triumph millions of dollars by predicting nan outcome, you tin still see immoderate of these props successful your Super Bowl statement betting games.

Two companies that are group to aerial commercials during nan large crippled are Drumstick and Uber Eats. The Drumstick commercialized features Eric Andre and Uber Eats features David and Victoria Beckham , Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Usher and others. Let’s broadside pinch nan heavy favored Uber Eats advertisement coming connected first.

First Commerical Shown

Result Odds
Drumstick +135
Uber Eats -195

9) Reba McEntire Hat Color

Country vocalist Reba McEntire will beryllium singing nan National Anthem this year. It’s very imaginable she dawns a cowboy hat. Maybe a classical brownish hat? Though successful 1 of her astir caller anthems backmost successful 2017 successful a personage softball game, she didn’t deterioration a chapeau astatine all. Las Vegas is not precisely a state euphony hot-bed, truthful she whitethorn return that attack again.

Take a plaything connected her chapeau color, aliases effort your luck successful predicting nan magnitude of nan National Anthem instead. Historical anthem lengths person been going up successful caller years, but Reba herself has a history of singing short anthems. Meaning nan under 90.5 seconds could beryllium a bully bet.

Reba McEntire Hat Odds

What Color Will Reba McEntire’s Hat Be During Anthem Odds
Red +225
Brown +350
Black +515
Blue +575
Yellow +889
Grey +975
Orange +1250
Pink +1576
Green +3000

Red comes successful arsenic nan astir favored action to beryllium Reba McEntire’s chapeau colour while greenish is simply a longshot.

8) Temperature astatine Kick-Off

Fancy yourself an amateur meteorologist? Well now is your clip to shine.

Dazzle your friends pinch your champion upwind predictions by picking nan correct action from below.

Temperature astatine Time of Kick-Off

Temperature Odds
51-60 F +110
61-68 F +140
68+ F +750
43-50 F +750
32-42 F +3500

The astir favored action is 51-60 degrees astatine kick-off and that does look for illustration nan astir apt action correct now. Starting connected Wednesday, nan precocious successful Las Vegas is expected to beryllium 56, followed by 49 connected Thursday, 52 connected Friday, 53 connected Saturday and 54 connected Sunday. The debased is expected to beryllium 35 connected Sunday, but nan kick-off will beryllium precocious day and based connected nan expected upwind trends it’s apt to beryllium successful nan 50s.

7) Will Rob Gronkowski Make nan 25-Yard Kick of Destiny 2?

Want a portion of nan action successful nan Kick of Destiny 2? Last twelvemonth Rob Gronkowski missed his kick. This twelvemonth he’s backmost for redemption and you tin get successful connected nan action by signing up astatine FanDuel and choosing if he will “Make” aliases “Miss” nan section goal. Choose correct and you tin get a stock of $10,000,000 successful prize bets! Sign-up astatine FanDuel to Claim Your FanDuel Promo Here!

6) First Vegas Landmark Shown

The landmarks successful Las Vegas are endless and it’s definite that nan CBS broadcast will trim to galore of them going to and coming retired of commercialized breaks. Which 1 will show up first?

The astir apt options could beryllium nan Sphere, Fabulous Las Vegas Sign aliases Bellagio Fountains.

But if you want immoderate longer shots surely nan likes of nan Eiffel Tower astatine Paris, The Sphinx/Luxor Pyramid, Mirage Volcano, Venetian Gondolas, Showgirls aliases nan the Fremont Street Light Show would besides beryllium successful nan running.

Awesome: The Sphere successful Las Vegas is showing disconnected Legendary #NFL Rings up of nan Super Bowl 🔥

(h/t @markjkim_)

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) February 7, 2024

5) Will There Be An Octopus?

There had ne'er been an octopus sighting astatine nan Super Bowl successful nan history of nan athletics until … past year. Wait, what?

No, an eight-tentacled mollusk didn’t flop onto nan field. We’re talking astir an eight-point play scored by nan aforesaid player. This occurs erstwhile a subordinate scores a touchdown and past besides scores connected nan consequent two-point conversion, frankincense scoring 8 points connected their own.

Last twelvemonth Eagles’ backmost Jalen Hurts scored nan first “octopus” and nan likelihood person been group astatine +1400 for different octopus to beryllium scored astatine Super Bowl 58.

4) Arrested aliases Caught With Escort?

Anything goes successful Vegas and thing goes pinch Super Bowl props. But will NFL players return that to bosom and get a small crazy successful Sin City?

This prop asks what will hap first? A existent Chiefs aliases 49ers subordinate to beryllium arrested aliases to beryllium caught pinch an escort? Both are very imaginable options though you tin beryllium judge some Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan are moving tight ships earlier nan large crippled and some teams are staying acold disconnected nan portion distant from nan craziness this week.

You tin besides effort to foretell if simply immoderate existent NFL player, not conscionable a 49er aliases Chief, will beryllium arrested successful Vegas. That, seems, much, overmuch much likely.

3) Taylor Swift Props

This class could return connected a full article of it’s ain fixed nan immense magnitude of Twiftie props that person been released this year. In fact, we did dive heavy into nan agelong database of propositions from Taylor Swift’s hair, outfit, wherever she’ll beryllium sitting, pinch whom, if her formation from Japan will beryllium shown, if she and fellow Travis Kelce will buss and truthful so overmuch much successful a large database of Super Bowl broadcast props.

But for nan purposes of this article, let’s attraction connected nan likelihood for nan connection nary 1 thinks will happen.

Odds Travis Kelce Proposes to Taylor Swift

Will Kelce Propose connected Field After nan Game? Odds
Yes +820
No -2000

FanDuel has group a Travis Kelce connection astatine longshot likelihood of +820 while nan “No” is heavy juiced astatine -2000. It seems improbable Taylor Swift would want to return distant from a Super Bowl ceremony and location are apt truthful galore much imaginative ways this imaginable immense connection could return spot different time. The No whitethorn beryllium 1 of nan smartest Super Bowl bets to make.

2) Jason Kelce Shirtless

While we’re focusing connected things and group who person perfectly thing to do pinch nan existent game. Let’s look nan measurement of Kelce’s relative Jason, who will beryllium up successful nan property container on pinch Swift and others successful nan Kelce/Chiefs clan.

Will he beryllium wearing a shirt? It whitethorn commencement that way, but it’s improbable to extremity that measurement if history is to repetition itself. The likelihood opportunity Jason will region his garment astatine immoderate constituent during nan game, and it’s nan favored action astatine -175 to hap earlier he chugs aliases shotguns a brew astatine +125.

Jason Kelce Update:

Still shirtless. Still pounding beers.

— Crossing Broad (@CrossingBroad) January 22, 2024

1) Will Any 49ers aliases Chiefs Player Be Caught Gambling successful Vegas?

The Super Bowl is successful Vegas and this is simply a gambling website, truthful let’s extremity connected this one. If you consciousness either team’s players whitethorn get a small saturated successful nan days starring up to nan large game, possibly you want to make a friends wager pinch your friends if immoderate subordinate will beryllium caught gambling.

There surely person been plentifulness of players caught gambling and suspended successful nan convention successful nan past mates of years. But nan NFL has very strict rules connected nan taxable and nary uncertainty those will beryllium vehemently reinforced this week. Still, each it takes is 1 to rate this longshot stake of 10-1 odds.

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Ryan is SBD's resident shot pro, though his repertoire is by nary intends constricted to a azygous sport. His articles person been published by nan Canadian Hockey League (CHL), Ontario Hockey League (OHL), and nan Kitchener Rangers, and outlets for illustration SportsXpress and

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