Best Week 16 NFL Parlays and Teasers

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Philadelphia Eagles backmost Jalen Hurts (1) reacts aft rushing for a touchdown

Dec 18, 2023; Seattle, Washington, USA; Philadelphia Eagles backmost Jalen Hurts (1) reacts aft rushing for a touchdown against nan Seattle Seahawks during nan first 4th astatine Lumen Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

  • Our Week 16 parlay picks see bets connected nan Packers, Chiefs and Eagles
  • We’ve stake down nan Bills and added points to 3 teams connected Sunday and Monday to create our four-team teaser predictions
  • Read connected to spot our breakdown of this week’s champion Week 16 parlays and teasers to target this weekend

On Situs Togel each 3 days this vacation play from Saturday, to Sunday and Christmas Day connected Monday. And this week’s Week 16 NFL parlays and teasers will touch connected games crossed nan afloat slate. Starting pinch nan Bengals vs Steelers and ending pinch nan Ravens vs 49ers.

See why we’ve included these 7 teams into our champion parlays and teasers for Week 16 here.

Week 16 Parlay Picks

Matchup Pick (Odds)

Packers vs Panthers Packers (-230)
Raiders vs Chiefs Chiefs (-500)
Giants vs Eagles Eagles (-800)

Our Week 16 parlay predictions see 3 favorites successful nan Packers, Chiefs and Eagles that comes successful astatine -107 likelihood connected nan ESPN BET app.

NFL Week 16 Parlay Picks

After back-to-back losses, I’m banking connected nan Packers getting backmost connected way versus nan 2-12 Panthers and 2 dense location favorites taking down divisional rivals connected Christmas Day.

Packers vs Panthers

  • Pick: Packers

The ebbs and flows of nan NFL play person been nary much evident than pinch nan existent play of nan Packers. They ne'er looked amended pinch wins complete nan Lions (29-22) and Chiefs (27-19), but past ne'er looked worse than they did successful nan past 2 games losing 24-22 to nan Giants and nan Buccaneers 34-20.

Week 16 could beryllium nan spot to get backmost successful nan triumph file arsenic they spell to Carolina to look nan 2-12 Carolina Panthers. The Panthers sewage that 2nd triumph past week, but by a shot people of 9-7. The Panthers mean conscionable 14.7 PPG (29th) and person scored 9, 6, 18, 10, 10, 13, 13 and 15 points successful their past 8 games. The Packers tin do amended than that, are 5-2 ATS connected nan roadworthy and will get nan triumph to footwear disconnected our Week 16 parlays and teasers.

Raiders vs Chiefs

  • Pick: Chiefs

These teams conscionable played connected November 26 and aft falling down 14-0 successful Las Vegas, nan Chiefs woke up and scored 31 of nan adjacent 34 points to spell connected and triumph 31-17. But it was 2 losses pursuing that triumph versus nan Packers and Bills, earlier a less-than-convincing 27-17 triumph complete nan Patriots past week. That crippled was conscionable 14-10 KC heading into nan half.

But KC has won six consecutive successful this divisional rivalry, 11/12 and 16/18. The Raiders steamrolled a Chargers squad that has packed it successful connected nan play 63-21 past week, but this is nan aforesaid squad that sewage unopen retired 3-0 to Minnesota nan week prior.

Mahomes’ ATS grounds erstwhile favored by 7+ points whitethorn not beryllium awesome astatine 21-26-2, but he is 10-1 SU versus nan Raiders.

Chiefs RB Isiah Pacheco (shoulder) will return for Week 16 vs. Raiders, per Andy Reid

— Around The NFL (@AroundTheNFL) December 18, 2023

Giants vs Eagles

  • Pick: Eagles

The Giants sewage their dormant feline bounce pinch nan insertion of Tommy DeVito astatine backmost and he and his supplier sewage their infinitesimal successful nan spotlight pinch 3 straights wins complete nan Commanders, Patriots and moreover nan Packers successful prime-time. That was going to beryllium a difficult enactment to travel and it was, arsenic they went to New Orleans and mislaid 24-6 past week.

Not that nan Eagles are successful awesome style themselves aft suffering 3 consecutive losses including a MNF 20-17 roadworthy nonaccomplishment successful Seattle to Drew Lock. They’ll person nan short remainder here, but Jalen Hurts should beryllium afloat recovered from immoderate ailment he was nether past crippled and nan Eagles will return location to wherever they are 5-1 this season. They’re besides 4-0 and 16-3 SU versus nan Giants going backmost to 2014. Their past game, successful nan playoffs past year, was a 38-7 beatdown successful Philadelphia. Let’s expect much of nan aforesaid to complete our Week 16 parlay picks.

  • Week 16 NFL Parlay Picks: Packers / Chiefs / Eagles (-107); consequence 1 portion astatine ESPN BET

Week 16 Teaser Picks

Matchup Pick (Teaser Odds)

Bills vs Chargers Bills -2.5 (-595)
Bengals vs Steelers Bengals +7.5 (-690)
Jaguars vs Bucs Bucs +7.5 (-548)
Ravens vs 49ers Ravens +14.5 (-438)

At -106 likelihood successful this weekend’s NFL Week 16 teaser predictions we’ve stake down nan Bills to -2.5, turned nan Bengals and Bucs into +7.5 underdogs and turned nan Ravens into large double-digit underdogs arsenic well.

NFL Week 16 Teaser Picks

I’ve created this teaser by choosing alternate spreads astatine DraftKings, but you should beryllium capable to do truthful astatine astir football betting apps. Though immoderate books whitethorn not let for arsenic overmuch activity successful nan lines arsenic DK.

Bills vs Chargers

  • Pick: Bills -2.5

No matter really you usage nan Bills successful your Week 16 parlays and teasers they person to make an quality successful immoderate form. They’re favored by double-digits successful nan football betting lines truthful nan teaser way whitethorn connection a small amended worth than nan moneyline for these picks.

Of people nary 2 teams person looked worse aliases amended successful nan past week. The Chargers sewage wholly boat-raced successful Las Vegas past Thursday. The last scoreline looks bad capable astatine 63-21, but those 21 points were meaningless arsenic they came aft nan crippled was 49-0. The 63 points allowed was nan astir nan Chargers had fixed up successful squad history. Brandon Staley’s clip was coming aft nan Chargers besides put up 7, 6 and 10 points successful their erstwhile games arsenic well, and this nonaccomplishment did him in.

Can an interim caput coach, Giff Smith, nary Justin Herbert and nary Keenan Allen (injured), derail nan abruptly surging Buffalo Bills? Doubtful.

Buffalo is astatine nan different extremity of nan ledger coming disconnected wins complete nan Chiefs and past Cowboys past week. Josh Allen was hardly needed successful throwing for conscionable 94 yards and 1 touchdown successful their 31-10 way of Dallas. Instead James Cook ran each complete nan Cowboys for 179 yards. Allen, 3rd successful passing touchdowns this play pinch 26, could person a section time though this week versus a Chargers secondary classed 30th versus nan walk and that conscionable allowed Aidan O’Connell to propulsion for 4 touchdowns.

Bengals vs Steelers

  • Pick: Bengals +7.5

Since losing to Pittsburgh 16-10 successful Jake Browning’s debut arsenic a starter, these teams person gone successful wholly other directions. The Bengals person won their adjacent 3 games and person scored 34, 34 and 27 points. In those wins, Browning has a mixed 954 passing yards and 5 touchdowns.

The Steelers person gone nan otehr measurement losing 3 games and person only scored 10, 18 and 13 points successful those defeats.

They’re now down to third-string backmost Mason Rudolph who has only played successful 18 games successful his career.

Mike Tomlin is usually money arsenic a dog, a spot wherever he’s 55-31-3 ATS but nan Steelers’ 7 wins this play person each travel by nether 1 people and ne'er by much than 7 points. I don’t spot Rudolph changing those NFL squad trends and will return Cincinnati arsenic portion of my Week 16 teaser picks.

Jaguars vs Buccaneers

  • Pick: Buccaneers +7.5

The Bucs are a teaser players dream arsenic they play successful galore adjacent games. And generally, they either win, aliases suffer close. Last week they did triumph big, 34-20 successful Green Bay, now putting them first successful nan NFC South. That puts them connected a three-game winning streak, though nan different 2 wins were only by 4 and 3 points complete nan Falcons and Panthers respectively.

In their losses, they’ve mislaid by 7, 13, 2, 6, 3, 14 and 14 points, pinch nan bigger defeats coming versus apical teams for illustration Detroit, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

The Jaguars are 8-6 and lead their section themselves, truthful could besides beryllium considered a apical team, though still not rather arsenic bully arsenic those different three. And, they travel successful losers of 3 straight, 23-7 versus nan Ravens past week and 31-27 and 34-31 versus nan Browns and Bengals successful nan games prior.

Starting backmost Trevor Lawrence sustained a concussion past crippled and is still successful concussion protocol arsenic of Friday truthful it looks for illustration CJ Beathard will beryllium getting nan start. An improbable look for a large Jags win.

Never thought i'd opportunity this but THANK GOD for Baker Mayfield… By acold nan champion QB successful nan NFC South:

Mayfield – 24 TDs 8 INTs
Carr – 16 TDs 7 INTs
Ridder – 10 TDs 10 INTs
Young – 9 TDs 9 INTs

And astatine $4Million + incentives contract, what a steal!

— The Dynasty Grill (@FFDynastyGrill) December 19, 2023

Ravens vs 49ers

  • Pick: Ravens +14.5

The Ravens only person 3 losses connected nan year, nary successful their past 4 games and only by 2, 7 and 3 points.

They mean 27.4 PPG (4th) and person scored complete 30 points successful six of their past 8 games.

One of nan 3 teams Baltimore is down successful scoring is San Fran, who mean 30.4 PPG (3rd). You tin opportunity nan aforesaid point astir nan 49ers of precocious erstwhile it comes to scoring successful that they’ve won six straight, person scored 34, 27, 31, 42, 28 and 45 points while doing truthful and person won by 31, 13, 18, 23, 12 and 16 points successful those games.

But nan Ravens person spent 90-percent of nan play either tied aliases starring and person led successful nan last 2 minutes of each azygous crippled this season.

This is an lawsuit wherever whichever squad was nan underdog would apt create bully teaser opportunities. In this lawsuit it’s nan Ravens. Plus Lamar Jackson has excelled successful that domiciled being 11-2 ATS arsenic an underdog, while Baltimore wide is 20-4-1 ATS arsenic a canine successful their past 25 games.

  • Week 16 NFL Teaser picks: Bills -2.5 / Bengals +7.5 / Buccaneers +7.5 / Ravens +14.5 (-106); consequence 1 portion astatine DraftKings

Season record: 15-15, -1.08 units

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