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NEW YORK – Jan. 26, 2022 – Infor, nan manufacture unreality company, coming announced that Valley View Casino & Hotel has decided to grow its 17-year exertion business pinch nan institution and move its halfway business applications to nan cloud. Valley View, Southern California’s premier gaming destination, chose Infor CloudSuiteTM applications specialized for nan hospitality manufacture to merge and modernize its halfway business processes. With Infor’s cloud-based financial, proviso concatenation guidance and budgeting applications, Valley View will beryllium capable to link siloed applications, trim manual processes and make more-informed business decisions.

Through this upgrade, Valley View will use from a elemental and predictable way to upgrade from on-premises applications to nan cloud. The statement will instantly use from a much modern interface, speedy personification experiences and deeper manufacture functionality that will supply business leaders pinch much thorough analytics, caller insights and real-time information to make decisions quickly to amended bottom-line results. Valley View will beryllium capable to support applications existent and connected, leverage powerful functionality, and optimize captious business processes.

“We person trusted our exertion business pinch Infor for astir 2 decades. It made consciousness to partner pinch them again arsenic we modernize our operations and digitally toggle shape to meet nan needs of tomorrow’s user and traveler,” said Leilani Marquiss, Valley View Casino & Hotel vice president of finance and main financial officer. “As nan manufacture continues to alteration and caller demands statesman to emerge, we will now person nan security, elasticity and scalability to amended support our soul teams and yet our guests.”

Valley View will instrumentality Infor CloudSuite solutions created specifically for nan hospitality manufacture to amended support financials, proviso management, purchasing, inventory, budgeting and analytics. Specifically, an integrated financial and proviso guidance package solution suite will mates modern financial functionality pinch devices to way supplies and streamline bid processes. Infor will supply networked analytics and a best-in-class personification acquisition augmented by artificial intelligence truthful users tin activity connected an integrated and move level that makes regular tasks easier and much intuitive. In addition, Infor Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) will present integrated planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, and scenarios. Infor’s innovative unreality technologies, built connected Amazon Web Services® (AWS), will supply Valley View pinch accrued operational ratio and greater visibility erstwhile it comes to cardinal business data.

“The title successful nan gaming manufacture tin beryllium fierce, and it is much important than ever to find a exertion partner that tin support your statement efficient, intelligent and agile arsenic times change, civilization shifts, and caller exertion emerges,” said Jason Floyd, Infor Hospitality wide manager. “With Infor, organizations are capable to leverage solutions specifically designed for hospitality. Because of our heavy manufacture acquisition and years upon years of research, investment, and innovation, we are capable to supply our customers pinch industry-first unreality technology, unmatched extent of functionality, and low-risk implementations, truthful organizations of each sizes tin acquisition what successful bottom-line results should look like.”

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