Sycuan Casino Resort Selects Signature Systems Casino POS for its Casino Resort and Golf Course

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Innovative, Agile Solutions to Include Mobile POS, Analytical Reporting, Guest-Empowered Kiosks, and All Required Integrations

Warminster, PA, January 17, 2024 .  Signature Systems, Inc. (SSI), an acclaimed, multi-award-winning exertion solutions supplier that excels successful point-of-sale solutions for F&B and unit entities of all

concepts and sizes, is proud to denote that Sycuan Casino Resort has selected nan proven powerfulness of SSI’s signature product—PDQ POS—to elevate and heighten its ever-growing nutrient and beverage enterprise. Along pinch seamless, value-added integrations to galore acclaimed manufacture platforms

including Aristocrat, Infor HMSs, and Shift 4,

SSI’s all-in-one level of innovative products and master services will let Sycuan Resort Casino to measurably elevate nan impermanent experience, maximize ROI, and heighten their acclaimed marque arsenic California’s premier casino for gaming and entertainment.

Sycuan Casino Resort will besides beryllium taking advantage of SSI’s endeavor mobile reporting for real-time dashboard analytics and a suite of all-encompassing reports. From astir anywhere, designated managers and executives will beryllium capable to measure nan ‘health’ of their F&B endeavor and measurably streamline nan auditing process.

“We are very excited to beryllium partnering pinch SSI to instrumentality constituent of waste crossed each of our casino, resort, and play venues.  SSI brings a refreshing can-do civilization and proactive approach, thing that aligns intimately pinch our ngo present astatine Sycuan.” Said Patrick Tinklenberg-VP of IT for Sycuan Casino Resort.

“We judge they will beryllium a cleanable partner for our imagination of providing best-in-class customer work and innovative, guest-focused exertion solutions. This level gives america nan instauration to substance impermanent loyalty, thrust amended decision-making, and support continued invention and maturation astatine Sycuan.”

About Signature Systems (SSI)

With heavy roots successful nutrient and beverage, SSI is simply a 35-year tenured exertion solutions supplier whose signature merchandise is PDQ POS, a apical rated, all-concept constituent of waste guidance system. SSI differentiates itself from each others by kindness of its all-in-one, civilization solution sets; all-in-house, home teams (including development, unrecorded 24x7x365 support, and data/cyber security); and all-in-accountability for prompt, meticulous rumor resolution. Products & services see a natively integrated endeavor reporting mobile app, natively integrated “In-Place Dining” mobile app, natively integrated online ordering, an array of impermanent empowerment solutions including self-serve kiosks pinch aggregate tenders, afloat PCI DSS compliance, broad paper management, value-added integrations via RESTful APIs, master task management, onsite training and education, and overmuch more. Learn much astatine SSI is nan proud victor of nan 2022 Innovation Award for Integration Services from Gaming & Leisure©.

About Sycuan Casino Resort

Sycuan Casino Resort began arsenic a humble Bingo Palace successful 1983. Now much than 40 years later, it

has become a organization landmark and 1 of San Diego’s premier casino and edifice destinations. Sycuan precocious completed a $260M description , which includes a 12-story luxury edifice building pinch complete 300 impermanent rooms and 57 suites. Guests tin bask a wide scope of onsite amenities including a assortment of caller restaurants from fast-casual to good dining, gathering and arena space, a full-service spa, fittingness halfway and a state-of-the-art excavation and gardens area pinch a lazy stream and swim-up bar. Sycuan besides boasts a recently expanded casino level for a full of 2,800 slot machines and 54 array games successful a assortment of gaming options. Sycuan is unfastened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more

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