Tonkawa Enterprises Brings Arcade & VR Gaming to The Hub in Tonkawa, Oklahoma

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Enjoy today’s astir celebrated arcade games and an unthinkable VR gaming acquisition successful nan all-new Omni Arena.

The Hub successful Tonkawa, Northern Oklahoma’s premier destination for cutting-edge family gaming experiences, is proud to present nan caller Omni Arena. This arena is nan go-to spot for exhilarating VR gaming. The Omni Arena acquisition lets up to 8 players bask complete state to move astatine afloat velocity while afloat immersed successful VR. Best of all, gamers of each levels tin take from respective state-of-the-art games from nan OmniVerse library. Rhythm, horror, sports, shooters, and much expertly curated VR experiences await.

At The Hub, adults and children tin bask intermezo classics specified arsenic Skee-Ball and bowling. The Hub offers plentifulness of cutting-edge arcade games and virtual reality (VR) gaming experiences.

The Hub’s on-site movie theatre offers comfortable leather reclining seats and superior DOLBY SOUND. The Hub’s concession booth besides offers nan movie-watching treats everyone knows and loves, including popcorn and candy. Our $5 movie tickets supply bargain intermezo for immoderate big aliases family.

The Hub’s sports barroom features wall-to-wall televisions playing football, baseball, basketball, MMA, and overmuch more. No matter wherever you beryllium successful this sports bar, you’ll ever person nan champion spot successful nan house. Customers tin bask a afloat stocked 65-foot barroom pinch classical drinks and exclusive beverage creations, positive an indoor nutrient motortruck serving appetizers, lunches, and more. 

The Hub is an perfect destination for group get-togethers. This cutting-edge gaming installation has specialized statement rooms designed to big birthdays, firm events, schoolhouse section trips, and more.

The Hub’s nosy doesn’t extremity astatine arcade games. Players tin redeem their e-tickets successful speech for awesome prizes of each sizes, and nan Omni Arena offers unthinkable prizes for top-performing VR esports teams—$400 for play winners and $2,000 for monthly winners. The Hub Club loyalty rewards programme lets customers easy gain rewards erstwhile they acquisition food, gaming experiences, and more—all by simply utilizing The Hub Club app. Members of The Hub Club besides get exclusive discounts, including 20% disconnected nutrient motortruck purchases made from Monday done Wednesday, and free popcorn refills. Plus, The Hub Club’s members enactment successful nan cognize pinch member-exclusive emails aliases texts.

“The Hub is simply a awesome spot for friends and families to travel person fun, but besides walk clip together,” said James Best, General Manager. “We connection a cleanable and safe situation on pinch awesome worth for families specified arsenic $7 bowling and $5 movies.”

Tonkawa Enterprises manages aggregate world-class properties, including nan Tonkawa Hotel & Casino, Native Lights Casino, The Hub, and more. With an accent connected cleanable facilities, friends staff, and unsocial gaming experiences, Tonkawa Enterprises continues to present caller and breathtaking intermezo options for each ages.

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